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Don Hellier
 Alissa AKA Mrs Muscles
Karen AKA Mop Top

In August 2014 I turned up at The Jungle Gym in Browns Bay. I was a fit walker (Routeburn, Tongariro Crossing that sort of thing) but that was it. I did NOT run and I had no strength. My experience of gyms had always been BORING and hence short lived but with 50 looming in January 2015 (followed by 60, 70, 80…) something needed to be done. The owner, Gregg, was there and he was friendly and welcoming and encouraged me to come back and try it out the next day.

I signed up for a year and found the first three months really, really hard. I had decided I would go four times a week . For most of those three months I was in pain, tired and nervous as hell about going (my family put up with a lot of moaning). I would be dragging myself there and struggling through the exercises. But, guess what? It was fun. Despite the pain I was actually having fun exercising. Everyone was so friendly and encouraging and I never felt like I couldn’t get better. Best of all it was NEVER BORING.

Gregg is the most amazing trainer who has developed a programme that works for young, middle aged, elderly, sports people who are really fit, people who are trying to get fit, and people who have never exercised in their lives. Gregg quickly knows where you are at with your fitness and monitors what you are doing accordingly.

After the first 3 months I started to feel the benefits of my new exercise regime. After five months I asked my husband if he would come for a run with me - I managed 5km. Nine months after joining the gym I ran the Orewa fun run (10.5km) without stopping and in November this year I ran the Auckland Marathons 12km traverse of the harbour bridge and felt such a sense of achievement.

I love how The Jungle Gym is constantly changing - no two days are ever the same. How cool is that? And I don’t even have to think about it - I just have to show up.​

If you are looking not only to get fit but to have something new and different in your life, to find a fitness regimen that is more than a five minute wonder and to challenge yourself to find out what your body is capable of then I would suggest you try The Jungle Gym. For fitness, fun, friendliness, support (there is always a person onsite providing advice), value for money and personal challenge The Jungle Gym in Browns Bay is my choice.