We call it Fluid Motion Circuits

The Jungle Gym Fluid Motion Circuit is perfect for individuals or large groups.

What's a circuit? It's when exercises are numbered and set up around the room. A buzzer goes for you to start and another to move to the next station.


Fluid Motion means there are no set class times so you can come in at any time and do an awesome workout. You just rock up and get started. If someone else turns up they just jump in behind the last person. Simple!

The Fluid Motion Circuit is designed so everyone does the same workout based on a circuit format.


Each day you work a different muscle group i.e upper body, lower body, core etc. (see below).


It's perfect because you don't have to think about what you're going to do when you arrive. Each week the programmes are changed so you never ever have to do the same workout again!

We do all the thinking for you...

Workout Schedule


Chest, back, arms, including all your stabiliser muscles.


Bringing the previous three days into one cardio-filled workout.


Everything from the waist down. Time for buns of steal!!


Short, sharp workout with explosive moves. For the entire body.


Today's focus is on your middle section - front and back.


Bringing the entire week together into one cardio-filled workout.


At The Jungle Gym, we specialise in helping you set, reach and exceed your fitness and weight loss goals through expert coaching and smart training programmes. We approach you as an individual and learn about your goals before tailoring a programme just for you.

Our one-on-one Personal Training is designed for people that are committed to achieving long lasting and life changing results. The Jungle Gym's Personal Training programme will not only change you physically but educate you along the way. Our professional Personal Trainers will ensure you achieve more than you thought possible.

We know getting in shape can be difficult. No matter your goal, level of fitness or history of injury, The Jungle Gym can help. We make sure your training is conducted correctly and at the appropriate level of intensity for your condition.

The Jungle Gym offers individualised weight and sports specific tailored programmes that incorporate principles based on your personal goals and needs including:

  • Education of the why and what you are training

  • Motivation and drive

  • Nutrition and hydration

  • Injury free, functional movement applicable and specific to the sport or programme you are training for


These principles are all equally important and are not independent, in and of themselves - there needs to be synergy and must be addressed if any lasting lifestyle changes and goals are to be met. 


Open hours

Monday - Friday: 5.30am - 10.30am & 3.30pm - 7.00pm

If you want to workout between 10.30 & 3.30, contact Gregg

Saturday: 8.00am - 12.00pm

Sunday & Public Holidays: Closed

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